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gated entranceIf you’ve taken the opportunity to view some newer communities in recent days, you’ve probably noticed that gated communities are on the rise. More and more individuals and families are inquiring about homes in gated communities for the extra sense of security many people gain from living within gated areas. Not only does East Lake Woodlands provide their residents with this sense of security by being a gated community, but they also offer a 24 hour manned gated and have more amenities and other advantages to offer their residents than your typical newly constructed community. With beautiful mature landscaping and trees, resort style living is what residents of East Lake Woodlands experience within their gates. Here are some general pros and cons that you may want to consider when looking into living within a gated community.


1. The obvious sense of security that is felt by homeowners living in gated communities may be enough for you to want to live in one, however the stronger feeling of “community? also felt by residents within the gates has shown to bring a community together. Within a private community, residents typically tend to their properties, keeping them in top shape and manicured since a private community gives residents a sense of “ownership? over the grounds.

2. You may also feel a little bit more secure taking your morning or evening walk or jog throughout the streets of a gated community since it has shown to reduce traffic. In most gated communities, this means that only residents and their visitors are allowed access, reducing the amount of drivers taking short cuts through the community, causing more traffic.

3. Property values are often raised from having a front gate along with the strict set of rules and regulations put forth through the homeowner’s association to help protect and keep those property values on the rise.

4. Gated communities are strict about solicitations. Living within a gated community may mean that they will contract only with certain vendor choices made by the residents and the association regarding trash pickup, community newspapers, and other services.


1. Gated communities are only as secure as the community makes them. A community with gates that are manned 24 hours a day is more secure than a community that is manned only in the evening since it allows for entrances by the public all day long. This choice is usually made by the homeowners association and is different from community to community.

2. Living in a gated community will mean additional expenses for the residents. If a gated community is manned, then usually a company is contracted out to provide this service, resulting in higher HOA fees to cover these expenses. Also, guard gates need to be maintained which also comes from HOA dues, an expense that would not be necessary in a non-gated community.

3. Many gated communities are considered private roads meaning that they are not maintained by the county, but by the HOA. Also, many sheriff’s departments will not patrol or give out traffic violations within a private community without first having permission from the HOA, which requires a lengthy process.

4. Although this is not as common, however can very well occur, many gated communities may limit the frequency of deliveries to homes, resulting in a inconvenience to certain homeowners who may have a home office and need such a service. It is important, if you are considering a move into a gated community, that you contact the HOA for that community to see if this practice exists before purchasing a home. After all, the whole reason behind a gated community is to reduce traffic and heighten security.

All in all…

A gated community has become a preference by many of those people who are searching for homes. Many will find that, based on your situation, the pros outweigh the cons in providing a secure, more valued place in which to reside. Many people enjoy the prestige that comes with living within gates and wouldn’t live any other way. If you are interested in the gated community of East Lake Woodlands and would like more information regarding the community policies behind the gates, please feel free to contact us and ask questions.


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